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A Memoir of Toni Wolff by English psychological counselor Irene Champernowne, a book originally published by the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco in 1983, describes the analysis of a series of dreams that its author brought in the early 1950s to Antonia "Toni" Wolff, one of the original Jungian analysts in Zurich.  Both women were used to being pioneers.  Champernowne had inaugurated art therapy in England, and Wolff had been extremely close to Jung throughout the initial development of analytical psychology.  Champernowne’s account of their discussions is a tremendously engaging work throughout which, as Joseph Henderson says in his foreword, "the personal connection between the two women is vividly described.”  The paintings Champernowne produced of her dreams, which were also shared with C. G. and Emma Jung, show female figures in association with images of swirled grain and UFOs that are reminiscent of Crop Circles, and the symbolism seems to point to the possibility of a renewal of the feminine generally.   As Emma Jung  said to Champernowne at the time, “your pictures have impressed me very deeply indeed; I feel there is something extremely important and valuable for woman in general [in them].”  It is a great pleasure to be able to show the series more fully on our website than had been possible with the print edition.  The project of collecting the images from the Champernowne Trust and preparing a PDF of the original text that can be downloaded from our website came at the kind initiative of Gary Bobroff, who is the author an upcoming book on Jung, Crop Circles and the archetypal feminine and consulted with the Institute’s Publications Committee to see if the Champernowne material could be made available to a wider audience. Thanks to him, our Institute is now in a position to offer this evocative work free of charge in electronic form.

Part 1 (19MB)
Part 2 (20MB)  

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