Moving the Jung Institute

Jungian psychotherapy includes befriending the drive to become conscious, respecting the tension of archetypal opposites, valuing differences, appreciating universal and unique features of symbols, and fostering ethical instincts.

The C. G. Jung Institute keeps the Northern California community engaged with Jungian contributions in all of these areas through education and clinical services.

Donations to the Institute are tax-deductible.


To serve its mission sustainably, the Institute needs to relocate to a building that is accessible to all people, including those facing mobility challenges, and that has adequate space for the low-fee psychotherapy clinic and the public education programs. Our vision is to purchase a centrally located building that is served by public transit, in reach of parking, and that can be made functional and gracious.

Moving the Institute will cost about $9.7 million, to be paid for by the eventual sale of our current building plus $4.8 million in earmarked donations.

We have already raised 65% of the donations needed. An anonymous donor who cares very much about the Institute’s future has agreed to match new donations to the Building Fund dollar for dollar, up to a total of $500,000.

Please contribute now so that the Institute can serve the community sustainably in the future.

The Jung Institute’s marriage of people, ideas, vision, and resources is unmatched! We hope you can see the Institute’s value and will decide to invest in its future.